My Joy Of Reading

I lose myself

Forget about the world around me

The anger and rage

That wants to build up inside me

But I don’t let it

I open up a book

And lose myself in the pages

I heighten my imagination

Increase my vocabulary

Learn things I never knew

I fall into a world

That is far from me

But really happening right around the corner

I journey to places I think

I may never get to

I get mad, I get sad

I laugh, I cry

It’s all in my joy of reading

I just lose myself

Forget about the tasks before me

And focus on turning the page

To see what happens next

I get inspired

To speak for the characters

That have no voice

I take notes to start stories of my own

It’s just me, the book, the words

I forget about the problems of the world

The problems in my life

And that’s where I get

My joy of reading

©2007 All Rights Reserved





Burn it All

Every bridge

That I ever built

To be close to you

Is every bridge

I’m about to set a match to

And burn it all

Burn it all to the ground

You’re too toxic for me

And I’m no good for you

But when I walk away

I need to never come back

So I’ll burn it all

Without a second thought

The bridges

The memories

Any and everything negative

We used to be

I can do better

You deserve more

Dragging down

Instead of lifting up

So here’s a match

It’s lit

The most beautiful thing we’ve done

Is to let what we’ve built



©2018 All Rights Reserved.


I’m Sure

I’m sure if I put my mind to it

I could write something from the heart

I’m sure I could write a symphony of words

That will make the world sing

I’m sure if I really wanted to

I could reach every soul

I could bring joy and peace to everyone near and far

By expressing the things that everyone loves to hear

And I’m sure I could write words that would have everyone eating out of the palm of my hand

The more I write

The more they read

Because they need my words

I’m sure, I mean absolutely positive that I could start a church off my words

And see I’m so sure of this all

Because there are people in the world who will give me that power

And the day they do

Is the day I put down my pen and walk away


©2008 All Rights Reserved